why is Dubai such an attractive real estate investment destination for Indians? 

The answer is simple; the market in Dubai remains fundamentally strong with recently enhanced transparency, even throughout the ever changing market dynamics.

Indians have been investing billions of rupees in Dubai’s real estate market for years now, resting assured of higher returns, capital appreciation and the prominent status of being a part of the world’s most dynamic city.

When it comes to the advantages of buying a property in Dubai over investing in other markets, it is quite evident that the options and price levels available here are very attractive in comparison with that of other cities. Investors have recognized the growth potential of their investments in Dubai both in capital growth and rental return.

The key advantages offered by the Dubai property markets, you do not have to deal with complicated documentation and provisions related to income tax; as there are no personal or income taxes in Dubai. Quick transaction procedures ensure that international investors get their money as a seller within 10 days (cash) or 45 days in case of a mortgage. With zero percent capital gain taxation and no property tax, the profit margin is much higher, making Dubai real estate a far more rewarding venture compared to other countries.

Lower interest rates, a profitable yearly rental income in the range of seven-ten percent, security, tax-free returns on investments of around 20 percent, a regulated market structure and attractive payment options are the added triggers for driving investments from Indians in huge numbers to the Dubai market.

Off-plan projects are typically cheaper and are usually available on better financial terms, with lower down payments and post-handover payment plans. Additionally, ready-to-move-in projects have the advantage of being available immediately.

Moreover, the Dubai Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA) have applied the highest standards of transparency possible to further benefit the market, exercising thorough control on transactions and regulating interactions between investors and real estate agents. The sheer professionalism and transparency in the Dubai real estate market encourages and instills confidence to curious investors in the emirate. The government-regulated Escrow account ensures security of the investment plus peace of mind for the buyers.

The Dubai Government has consistently and proactively invested in building its infrastructure to support its diversified economy. The fundamentals of the market are strongly aligned with the tourism sector, the air travel network and investment in local infrastructure. Dubai’s cosmopolitan lifestyle, making it a magnet for international tourists and residents. From multi-cuisine restaurants to world class shopping malls alongside a vibrant nightlife and entertainment scene, Dubai has become a home away from home for globe-trotting investors.

This is the ideal time for Indian investors to buy residential property in a market that has strong growth potential over the next five years. Buyers looking for long-term gains will do well as Dubai is a safe and established global business centre in the region. Large-scale developments have turned Dubai into one of the fastest growing cities in the world.




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